Getamped 2 European Server Closed Beta Test Announcement

December 1, 2011 - 1:57pm

UTRECHT, NL - 1st December 2011 - Online game developer CyberStep starts the
closed beta for its game, GetAmped2. The beta testing period will begin at
17:00 PM CET on Friday, 2nd of December 2011.

Interested players will be able to sign up for the beta on the official site
below. There will also be events during the beta period so keep your eyes
peeled for updates on the official site: Official Website:

GETAMPED2 is the sequel to CyberStep's original online fighting game,
GetAmped, which completed its Closed European Beta a week before. Like
GetAmped1 it is a free to play MMO Beat’em up (Brawler) game that allows
you to play with and against other players using various techniques and
weapons. GetAmped2 was developed to feature a deeper, more MMORPG like
social experience. It also features a cast of characters voiced by famous
japanese voice actors and an exciting storyline.

Players can choose from a variety of styles, accessories and weapons to
create a character that fits their style of play. There are also countless
possibilities to customize your character with the help of skin and polygon
editors that are included in the game. The game itself is easy to learn for
beginners and offers a different feel than its predecessor. GetAmped2 is
free to play but once official service starts players will be able to spend
Crescent (which can be bought for real money) to acquire better equipment
and improve their game experience.

Like in the previous GetAmped Closed Beta players will be able to use the
Crescent they earned during this Beta once official service starts.

There will be different Events during the Beta Test!

We will hold a login campaign where you will receive GM and Crescent for
your daily login. There will also be special NPC battles that will take
place in Streetfight Mode. Furthermore we are introducing Fever Time and
other events.

* Streetfight Mode is an upgrade of the Deathmatch in GetAmped and
  allows matches with up to 20 players.

*  During the duration of Fever Time the GM and Experience gets
  increased twofold .

CyberStep is committed to provide users with an enjoyable game experience
and will be using the feedback obtained during the beta testing period in
order to apply adjustments and optimize the game system before launching

Title : GetAmped2
Genre : MMO Brawler
Platform : Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Official Website :

About CyberStep:
CyberStep, Inc. has been creating and managing original online games since
2000. CyberStep's titles are played worldwide in over 10 different
countries, and include games such as GetAmped(SplashFighters), C21,
GetAmped2, CosmicBreak, and HolyBeast. CyberStep is always expanding, and
aims to connect different cultures around the world through high quality
entertainment. Currently, Cyberstep aims to establish itself in Europe and
plans to release titles in English, German and French.

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