Star Fever Agency

Star Fever Agency is a free to play MMO game for girls.

Publisher: Sarbakan

Platform: Browser

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Star Fever Agency MMO Browser Game for Girl
Star Fever Agency is an MMO browser game that targets the female audience. To begin playing this text based strategy game for girls, you’ll need to create your account and choose an avatar. The avatar that you choose will be the agent in this game that represents you. Next, you’ll design a business card that will be exchanged with other players later in the game.

Now it’s time to buy your first model. Your star will have three stats which are charm, talent and well being. This is what your star will be judged on throughout the game and it starts out low. As the agent, it will be your job to make a schedule for your stars to follow that will put them on the road to success.

There are six categories that you can include in their daily activity. These include appearance, charisma, rehearsal, exercise, altruism and some fun time. Even models need to have a little fun now and then. Most of the activities that you have your stars take part in will improve their stats without you doing anything extra but you can play some of the minigames that are available as well.

These games can be played one time each day per activity and they usually involve timing clicks. You can also dress up your stars with the wonderful selection of clothing the game offers. Star Fever Agency makes things more interesting by allowing players to purchase houses and cars for their stars as well.

You can socialize by going to Chat City and meeting new friends. There are even tables located in the clubs where you can sit and meet other players. By exchanging business cards you will be adding to your list of friends. If you like playing as a group you can form teams and the revenue that’s made from stars that do well can be shared between each member of the team.

Star Fever Agency is a MMO 2D browser game that’s celebrity based. It’s fun and exciting for girls everywhere as they help their star rise to the top. This free to play MMO browser game is definitely worth checking out.  
Star Fever AgencyStar Fever AgencyStar Fever AgencyStar Fever AgencyStar Fever Agency
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