Faunasphere is a free to play virtual world MMO people of all ages.

Publisher: Big Fish Games

Platform: Browser

Official Website: http://faunasphere.com

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Faunasphere: A Pets Virtual World Fantasy Game
If you’ve never heard of Faunasphere MMO, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. This game is a hundred percent web-based and it provides a fun and causal feel for the player. This social game can be considered a pet’s virtual fantasy world because it revolves around raising adorable fauna, which consist of a horse called Hoofer, a dog called Sniffer and a tortoise called Scooter.

Each of these characters has three meters labeled energy, happiness and there is an egg meter. The egg meter is also used as the level meter and when it’s filled, you move up a level and get an egg. The egg can hatch into a variety of different fauna because it doesn’t have to be the same type you already have.

In this game you build a world for your fauna to live in while cleaning out the environment by zapping pollution blocks. Your fauna will also look for treasures by shake trees, lifting rocks, diving into pools, searching hollow stumps and even digging up plants. Personalizing your Faunasphere is a big part of the game that’s fun and entertaining. You can build and decorate a den for your fauna to sleep and where eggs can hatch. You can even grow food by treating trees and combining foods together to make better ones.  

This 3D browser game is pretty straight-forward because all you have to do is point the mouse and click. Players can unlock new areas and level up by completing the different goals found in each one. Each player starts out with one fauna that will stay with them throughout the entire game. You can acquire other fauna through breeding which is a simple process and there are twelve different types of fauna in the game. Once you have collected several different ones you can switch them out so you can choose the one with the best abilities to help out in different situations.  

Faunasphere is a 3D fantasy world made up of cubes and there are clues throughout the game that helps you find items graphically by making them glow when your character is near them. This free MMO game is classified as a casual game because you can accomplish a lot in a short period of time and you can play when you have time.

Even though the free version allows you to play up to three fauna, there is also a tier based subscription fee that starts at $2.49 and goes up to $4.99 and then $9.99. These provide the player with more freedom and options in the game so, many players take advantage of them. It’s a fun and entertaining game and there is absolutely nothing violent about it. 

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