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Hello everybody. -


This review is about PokemonCraft which is the best of the online

Pokemon Games

with about 250.000 registered players around the world.

I am pretty sure that there are both Free MMORPG Games and


fans out there.

PokemonCraft is a free browser based on

Pokemon Online

game and can be categorized as MMORPG.

This online Pokemon Game is the one that respects the most, Pokemon trademark owners which are Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures Inc.

Also this one is the hardest and most advanced

Pokemon MMORPG


Information about the hosting server :

* Dual Xeon 5670 CPU (24 cores), * 24GB ddr3 RAM Memory, * 1 GBit Internet Speed, * 4x sas 15.000 RPM Hard Disk

With this very strong server PokemonCraft aims to serve you pleasant game without lag even when there are 1,500+ online players.

Other Information

* It is being developed by a computer engineer.

* We have an incredible chat system which separates the chat engine in multiple chat screens displayed for different languages. In this way, you will be able to chat with your friends in your native language whenever you want.

* It is based on real Nintendo DS (Pokemon HG/SS, Pokemon D/P/PT) game mechanics.

* It is using

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver and Pokemon Platinum games styled maps


* It has a very advanced


page where you can find many info about the game.

* It has very advanced anti cheating and security measures.

* It has rock climbing, fishing with rods, surfing, flying, rock smash, headbutt, poke radar, radio and strength move features.

* It has awesome market system which allows you to buy and sell goods, buy and sell Pokemon, trade Pokemon, etc.

* It has awesome integrated chat system which is developed by the game administrator.

* It has a total number of 425 different game useable avatars :

Pokemon Pictures

* It has multiple character previews, a total number of 174 different

pokemon user sprites

which can be used at the map screen.

Website address :


Forum address:


You can register from here :


PokemonCraft tutorial videos playlist : Pokemon Videos

PokemonCraft official Twitter page :

Pokemon Twitter

PokemonCraft official Facebook page :

Pokemon Facebook

PokemonCraft Facebook Application :

Facebook Pokemon Game

Train your Pokemons and become a Top rated Pokemon trainer today!

Here you will find some screen shots from the game play:

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