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Ultimate Soccer Boss
Ultimate Soccer Boss MMO Soccer Manager Game
  Ultimate Soccer Boss is a free MMO soccer manager game powered by Digenetics evolutionary computation intelligence engine. This online game gives you the opportunity to test all of your skills and abilities at managing your very own soccer team. You’ll be competing against thousands of other people from all over the globe. The in-game chat feature and forums allow players to talk to friends and rivals to discuss the game or make challenges. There is no download required for this game. You simply open up your browser and begin training your players by taking part in one of the training matches that’s available. One of your options is called the “Instant Matches” and this is where you compete against other clubs. You can also compete in daily “League Matches” to see how your management skills measure up when participating in the regular “Cup Tournaments”.   Ultimate Soccer Boss allows you to customize your team and you will be rewarded for your success. For example, you’ll win trophies and earn honor badges along with being able to acquire a variety of items for your stadium. This MMO soccer Manager Game has a lot of features to offer the gamer that you can’t find in similar games. It requires the player to manage their team the same way a real soccer team would be handled. You’ll need to train your players, hire and trade players and you’ll even need to build or improve your stadium. Managing your expenses and revenue is a huge part of the game that you’ll also need to do correctly in order to succeed. Ultimate Soccer Boss has everything you would want in an online football management game. It gives you more control over your team by providing a variety of playing styles and formations for you to choose from. These can be adjusted based on the way the game plays out to help improve your team. As a manager, you can even adjust the formation or style of play used anytime throughout the game or switch players if needed. You are in more control and have the freedom to make these important tactical decisions. This is what makes the Ultimate Soccer Boss one of the most fun and interesting free MMO’s you’ll find today.   
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Dawn of Nations
Dawn of Nations
Typically, when you hear the words “browser game” or “web game,” images of silly (yet addictive) flash games might come to your mind. However, the newest release from Element36 Interactive, titled Dawn of Nations, makes it clear that this browser game is on a whole new level. In an age where convenience is king, Dawn of Nations carves a special niche into the ever-expanding browser game market. This MMO real-time strategy game features a World War 2 setting, where you can build cities, train troops, and attack other cities. I personally found the beginner guide and the resources from the game guide on the main website ( very useful when getting started. A user-friendly in-game prompting system made it very easy for me to get a basic understanding of how to develop my city. Those familiar with RTS games will feel right at home. After you’re done building some resource plants and houses, you can start constructing other buildings which allow you to train troops, recruit officers to lead your troops, and research higher levels of technology. Once you’re familiar with basic game mechanics, that’s when the fun really begins. One of the most memorable events from my early playing history happened when I attacked for the first time. I sent out an officer and all my troops to attack a nearby field. After my troops arrived, a loud warning alarm blared out of my speakers. I nearly jumped out of my chair, until I quickly realized that a battle was occurring. My adrenaline was pumping as I saw my troops march across the battlefield and engage the enemy troops. Another great aspect about this game is that Element36 is very generous about handing out freebies, including cash-shop items and Diamonds, which are the premium in-game currency. Even though I have not paid anything to sign up or play this game, I can use the free Diamonds to go to the cash shop, creatively named the Blitzkrieg Outlet, to purchase premium items. Although I can definitely see myself supporting the game publisher with Diamond purchases in the future, as a gamer, this shows me that they are willing to give even free players a chance to fight on a more balanced playing field. While at first glance some will compare this game to a number of other RTS releases, they will soon realize that Dawn of Nations doesn’t suffer from a lot of the flaws that plague its competitors. At first glance, the graphics are frankly impressive for a browser game. And it doesn’t stop with the game. The website is highly polished and the game-mastering and customer service functions are top notch. Element36 is clearly trying to breathe new life into the industry with its dedicated and professional approach. Finally, Dawn of Nations is a great game to play while playing other games. Yes, you heard me right, and let me explain. When I am playing World of Warcraft or Aion and waiting for my raid or dungeon party to assemble, I can simply alt-tab and play Dawn of Nations, upgrade a few buildings, send my troops out to attack some nearby cities, and then go back to my original game while my city continues to run. Finally, I have something to do while waiting for that last lagging dude to get to the raid starting area.

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