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Secret of the Solstice
Secret of the Solstice MMORPG
When you want an exciting Sci-Fi MMORPG, consider Secret of the Solstice. This is a 3D fantasy MMORPG published by Outspark that will give you a great deal of fun for your time. You will enjoy fun in the large fantasy world of Xen. There is a great variety of playable classes to choose from which is great in any MMORPG and there is also an interesting graphic style and unique content that is unlike other games you will find. When you want a new game to try for free, this one is well worth the effort to download. It has a medium playerbase and medium quality graphics and there is also PvP in an arena as part of an event only. There are plenty of playable classes to enjoy as well as job promotions and a helpful tutorial to get you going. You will also enjoy great background music and a comfortable interface. If you’ve played MMORPGs before, then you’re likely to catch on to Secret of the Solstice pretty quickly. One downside is that it has repetitive combat, although some gamers are looking for that today as it is something that can continue easily once they learn. The text is blurry and difficult to read on certain computers so this is a downside and there are limited PvP options but you won’t care much unless you’re specifically looking for a PvP MMORPG. When choosing classes, you have four first job advancements to choose from. These include squire, apprentice, neophyte and acolyte. Each has its own advantages and will become additional classes later in levels. The squire can be knights, then warriors and finally warlords at level 131. Apprentices can be mages, then wizards and finally ArcMages at level 131. Neophytes can become thieves who focus on melee or archers who are ranged. Acolytes are the priest/paladin type class and they can either go healing all the way or choose Holy Avengers who are more melee-based. These diverse class choices mean even more options for you when it comes to enjoying your game. This is an excellent free to play MMORPG that is well worth the time to download and make a free account to check out. If you’re looking for an alternative MMO that you don’t need a monthly script for, then this is it.   
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Gunbound MMO Game
Gunbound is a causal MMO game designed for gamers that don’t want to be in a huge commitment to the game. Some MMORPGs require you to be online at certain times on certain days to meet your guild and run instances and this is not something that everyone can do. Some people have demanding schedules and other commitments that prevent them from committing to a game but that doesn’t mean they still don’t want to play every chance they get.   That’s why Gunbound MMO game is such a hit. You can play this 2D shooter game anytime it’s convenient for you. It also gives you the option of playing alone or teaming up with other players to take part in the matches. This turn based tactical game requires lots of strategy combined with skill to become a master.   The playable characters in Gunbound MMO game are called mobiles and there are twenty-one of them. They are: Knight, Mage, Armor, Lightning, Bigfoot, Ice, Grub, Raon, Maya, Phoenix, Dragon, J.Frog, Launcher, Kalsiddon, Nak, Trico, Boomer, Wolf, A.Sate, Aduka, Turtle and JD. Each of the mobiles plays differently so it’s recommended you try different ones. This will give you even more variety and make the game even more fun. There are three attack modes per Mobile, five different game modes and it has a big selection of levels to play.   The gameplay is simple in this action shooter game and you basically take turns shooting at each other from across the map. This is why it’s considered a strategic game. Players have to calculate the angle of the shot so it will hit their target. However, they also have to factor in strength and wind direction. When you bring the hit points of another player or team to zero, you win. If you destroy the terrain under where your enemy is standing and they fall off the map, you win.          This game has a large community with holiday events scheduled for players to participate in. You’ll also find lots of items in the shop to buy. In fact, this game offers more selection than most free MMO games. One of the most interesting items is the avatars that will upgrade your character and enhance their looks at the same time. All in all, Gunbound is a causal but fun and entertaining MMO shooter game that has a lot to offer its players. 

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