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blackshot MMOFPS shooter game
Blackshot is a free 3D shooting MMOFPS that has powerful weapons and characters that are very lifelike. It provides the player with intense multiplayer action and rough environments in which they must overcome to meet their goals. Blackshot is similar to other shooter games such as Soldier Front and Combat Arms but it has its own unique qualities that make it special. It takes place in a world that’s in chaos due to the powerful nations competing for money and resources. Your character will assume the role of a mercenary and your goal is to become known throughout the land. The graphics are not the best but they’re probably not the worse you’ve ever seen either. They’re rated in the mid-range to good category. There are a variety of weapons available that will help you to accomplish your goals and many exciting features that keeps you interested. The gameplay includes both team flag and death matches, search and destroy and bunker defense. A team flag match allows both teams to steal the enemy’s flags in order to boost their own scores. The death matches are played in teams and used to help boost your team’s score. The search and destroy scores for your team by calculating how many matches the whole team wins together and the bunker defense is a mission designed for the novice player that allows one to four players to fight mvps. Blackshot is a MMOFPS that was developed by the Korean company called Vertigo Games. It was designed for Microsoft Windows PC’s and different versions of the game can be found in different regions across the globe. This first person shooter game takes place in urban environments that range from the Arabian Desert to deserted cities. The main complaint is that the network is Peer-to-Peer with a dedicated host and if that person is using a slow computer and it freezes, then all players in the room can experience the same problem. Otherwise, it’s considered a good FPS game that provides lots of action and fun for players of all skill levels.    
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WWII Warfare
WII Warfare MMO Strategy Game
WWII Warfare is a free historical MMO strategy browser game that is based on World War II. Realistic action, historical bases and tactical fighting will challenge all of your strategic skills. To begin the game, a player must choose his side. He can be on either the Allies or Axis teams. Each team has their own strategies and benefits. Allies have the benefit of earning 10% more steel, and the Axis team’s benefit is 10% more oil. WWII Warfare starts at the very beginning for new players. There are several Newbie tasks that you will have to perform in order to own a sub-base. Each newbie task has a separate reward that will help you with building your base, as well as teaching you the basics of game play. Browser game play provides a lot of interaction and a 2D realistic war game that keeps WWII from being boring or dull. Once you have built your sub-base your next step is to build your teams resources. Resources are the most important task you will perform initially, because without resources your team will be unable to build bases, learn technology or recruit troops. The higher your resource income the more your team will be able to grow. Buildings, technology, production, and research are all important aspects to this 2D combat game. No war is won without preparation. As you meet all of your requirements you will improve your base, build your team’s strength and be ready to triumph on the battlefield. Forming alliances is one of the key factors of playing a free MMO browser game such as WWII Warfare. An alliance is formed between sub-bases that are on the same team. Alliances have 10 members including the founder, as your diplomacy headquarters level grows so will the members in your alliance until there are 20 members. The challenge in WWII Warfare is that while you are attempting to build your base and improve your team you will be attacked by opposing troops, or you may find that you need to attack to obtain an area or resource. So while building your team, it must also be functional and ready to fight. Growing your army is a very important part of winning battles, and with enough battles won you can win the war. Maybe in your game you change history.     
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