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Urban Rivals
Urban Rivals Trading Card MMORPG
Urban Rivals is a trading card game (MMOTCG) that can be played online and it’s suited for adults, children, guys and girls. This virtual world is a free online MMORPG but you will need to register in order to play. You may also want to consider paying a small fee to enjoy everything this game has to offer. For example, you will need to pay the fee if you want to sell items in the online marketplace and it has other benefits as well.   Urban Rivals offers many twists and options for the player to keep you interested for hours at a time. The best part is that you can play anytime and anywhere you want as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection. You also have the pleasure of playing with others from all over the globe which makes it even more interesting. This interactive strategy game may look simple and easy and when it comes to learning how to play the game, it is. Still, this system has a lot to offer the gamer that makes it more interesting than many of the traditional trading card games. For one thing, the community is very active with almost everyone engaged in some sort of activity ranging from the minigames to the tournaments. From movie stars to rock icons, this game has it all! Urban Rivals could very well be considered one of the best online browser MMORPGs available today. Every couple of weeks they add new cards to the roster and there are rules in place to ensure everyone has a fair chance in the battles and tournaments. It’s a great trading card game that comes highly recommended.  
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Cities XL
Cities XL MMO Game
Cities XL combine the elements of a city builder game with an MMO game where you can interact with other players. The first step is to create an avatar and then you’ll be taken to what is called “planet mode”. Here you’ll select a location to start building your city. Each location will have certain resources that consist of water, food and fuel. There is also a resource called holidays, which simply means that your city will be located in an area where tourism will be a factor for growth.     There are several different resources in the MMO game and you’ll need all of them to build and run your city successfully. Each location will only have two or three so, choose wisely. You’ll need to trade with other cities to get the resources that you don’t already have access to. If you’re playing solo, don’t worry. There is a default corporation that you can trade with but you won’t be able to do any negotiating for a better deal.   It’s a good idea to use the tutorial provided to help you get started or you may find things to be a little complicated. Basically, the gameplay revolves around building up your city. As soon as you start playing Cities XL MMO, everything in the game is unlocked so you are free to move around anywhere you want to go. In this 3D virtual world players assume the role of the powerful mayor who has the ability to build structures, roads or anything else you desire.   This virtual world follows basically the same rules as the real world when it comes to the steps that you need to follow to build your city. For instance, before construction can begin you need to plan everything out, take care of zoning issues and separate the residential areas from the industrial areas. You’ll need to decide where the hospitals, hotels, electrical plants, sheriff stations and so forth will be located.   You don’t have to worry about natural disasters or anything like that in the game so you get the satisfaction of watching your cities grow and prosper. The main focus of the game is money and taking steps to avoid bankruptcy. The interface is designed to help you keep up with the cash flow within your cities and unemployment rates. You can also keep up with how satisfied the citizens are with the way you’re running things.   Dealing with all types of problems that you would face in real life is part of your responsibilities as well. For example, citizens will make request for better health care, police protection and educational concerns. The larger your city grows the more you’ll have to keep an eye on things because it becomes harder to manage successfully. All in all, Cities XL MMO has a lot to offer anyone who enjoys this type of gameplay. It’s both fun and rewarding to build cities up from nothing and watch them grow and thrive.

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